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Кафедра философии


Fundamentals of Philosophy

Бирюков Н.И.

The course is designed to advance the students’ understanding of philosophy as a specific type of human knowledge as distinct from both everyday knowledge and science, as well as from various forms of ideology. The course’s material is arranged as the story of Western philosophy from its origins till the emergence of contemporary philosophy (with excursus into Russian 19th-century philosophy) followed by a discussion of topical philosophical issues.

Learning outcomes:
By the end of this course students should know the main schools and doctrines, as well as the salient figures and major works of Western philosophy and understand the course and logic of its development, while remaining conscious of the plurality and merits of other philosophical cultures. Students should be able to:

  • identify philosophically relevant aspects of their specific spheres of professional knowledge;
  • apply their knowledge of philosophy to reflect on the methodological aspects of their professional activities;
  • apply argumentation skills acquired and refined in the course of their study of philosophy;
  • assess the existing limitations and development potential in the field of their professional knowledge.

Course program

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